The traditional image of a doctor is often associated with the iconic white lab coat, akin to a soldier's uniform or a pilot's flight gear. It conveys a sense of authority, trustworthiness, and dedication to patient care. The lab coat defined what it meant to "look like a doctor" when it was first introduced in the late 1800s. As you can imagine, the role and demands of the modern doctor have evolved meaningfully since that time. 

A typical day for a doctor could include outpatient care in the morning to consults in the afternoon, then out of the office to a conference, followed by a dinner with industry colleagues. Many doctors also have to make time in their day to grow their businesses and do so by building their personal brand on some of the largest social platforms in the world, like Instagram and TikTok. 

Dr. Lara Pfahl from Berlin, Germany wearing a white lab coat made by L'Atelier Forte

“The white lab coat symbolizes professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to patient care. It serves as a visual representation of the trust and responsibility that comes with being a healthcare provider.” - Dr. Lara Pfahl, Berlin, GER.

While the demands placed on doctors have evolved, what hasn't changed is the need for functional garments that carry the same sentiment of the white lab coat, but also allow them to transition seamlessly between the different roles a doctor assumes in today's modern world. Forte was founded on a mission to create a better white lab coat, a request from our designer’s brother for a garment that finally met his exacting needs. We set out to craft a classic garment that not only showed immense attention to detail and quality but also symbolized the profound journey that each and every doctor undertakes to get to where they are. We aimed to create something that would make a doctor feel truly understood and seen.

After years spent perfecting the classic, our next endeavor was to redefine what it means to "look like a doctor" by introducing garments previously unseen in medical offices. We asked: How can a doctor convey that same sense of identity without a traditional lab coat? Recognizing the high visibility of doctors and their brands across media platforms, we knew how crucial it was to provide them with options that maintained the exceptional level of medical excellence they're accustomed to while allowing them to highlight their personal styles. Enter the game-changing Doctor’s Jacket.

Dr. Clement Kairouz, Board Certified Dentist, Apa Aesthetics, New York, NY wearing a white doctor's jacket made by L'Atelier Forte.

The white coat has long been a symbol, with those who wear it, carrying the legacy of healers. Now, thanks to Forte, that’s only the beginning. The Harrington Doctor’s Jacket raised the bar, elevating white coats to symbol of style and statement of self-expression.” -Dr. Clement Kairouz, Board Certified Dentist, Apa Aesthetics, New York, NY

In just a few months since we launched this Harrington jacket-style interpretation of the lab coat, the Doctor’s Jacket has garnered attention worldwide, selling out multiple times and reaching 14 countries. Every nuance of the jacket is a testament to the invaluable feedback we've received directly from our customers, a collaboration aimed at creating something that inspires confidence throughout the entire day. It features a four-way stretch fabric and a two-way zipper that accommodates comfortable sitting during patient care. Beneath the surface, an inner mesh preserves the jacket's impeccable appearance, even after adding personalized embroidery. To elevate functionality, we've included two outer pockets and two spacious inner pockets for convenience—a fusion of design and practicality, all inspired by doctors.

This leads us to the most resounding request we’ve heard from our customers during product discovery: the need for better scrubs. While scrubs were initially confined to sterile hospital settings, they have now transformed into daily medical uniforms. Yet, this evolution came at the expense of maintaining a professional and confident appearance. The industry's standard has always been dictated by mass-market, fast-fashion entities focused on sheer sales volume. Recognizing an opportunity to reestablish the expectation, we set out to create something exceptional—a line of scrubs that mirrors the high-quality garments our customers are accustomed to wearing beyond the office. We understand that every patient interaction is a chance to elevate their perception of care and scrubs now play a pivotal role in that journey.

Our mission is twofold: to elevate the conventional perception of a doctor and to redefine the notion of what it means to look like a doctor in today's dynamic landscape. We embrace the ethos of "Everyday Exceptional," surpassing expectations every day for those who similarly don't know how to switch off their exceptionalism, carrying it seamlessly with them from home to the office.