Luxury fashion experience

Coming from a family of doctors, Chris Lee – previously a fashion designer for Thom Browne, Theory and Kith – set out to create high quality medical attire at their repeated request. Finding available options woefully lacking, the fabric development expert set out to create her own.

Understanding doctors

With more than a decade of experience working with medical professionals, Joe Vasold understands doctors. Together, Joe and Chris began developing luxury attire that, for the first time, delivered on both professional and medical excellence. 

Handcrafted Italian luxury

Forte spent years in partnership with best-in-class fabric suppliers to develop a completely new approach to antimicrobial fabrics. They then partnered with Italy’s most premium manufacturers to use those innovative materials to create a truly superior product.

The symbol of medical excellence

There is no profession where it is more important to project confidence. Forte helps doctors look their best, in the office and in life.