What is Forte?

L’Atelier Forte designs luxury medical attire for office and life.

Doctors have long been forced to compromise when it comes to medical attire in the office – stuck between dressing for function or looking professional. In a field where projecting confidence is paramount, we are providing an option that delivers on both.

Our garments give doctors the function and comfort of medical attire, with the design and quality to maintain professional excellence.

Where is Forte made?

We make Forte garments in northern Italy, at premium manufacturing facilities that have set the standard for quality for generations. Our garments are designed by luxury fashion designer Chris Lee in Soho, New York. 

Are Forte scrubs meant to replace my existing hospital scrubs

There will always be a place for scrubs that are intended to get dirty, whether in a hospital setting or otherwise. For the first time, Forte is providing a high quality option to those who rely on the versatility of scrubs to get them through all aspects of their day, but until now, have had to sacrifice looking professional.

Is Forte meant to be worn only in an office setting?

We designed Forte with the busy life of a medical professional in mind, with garments that work just as well for daily life as they do in the office. Whether you are in a situation where you value the garments’ antimicrobial properties such as traveling on a plane or simply value our clothings’ luxury design and materials, Forte works equally well.

How is Forte fabric antimicrobial?

We spent years developing a revolutionary way to infuse copper and silver ions into our fabric, eliminating microorganisms upon contact and ensuring lasting strength for the life of the garment. This proprietary fabric technology offers antimicrobial protection proven to last. 

The industry standard for antimicrobial garments is to brush on an antimicrobial coating, which wears off after a few washes. For garments that require frequent washing, we felt it was critical to provide long-lasting protection.

How do copper and silver ions make these garments antimicrobial?

Copper and silver elements both have natural antimicrobial properties so by weaving them into our fabrics, we are able to offer 99.99% antimicrobial protection. Please find more info on test results here.

How do I care for my Forte garments?

We recommend washing Forte garments on a gentle setting and hang dry. Jackets should be dry cleaned only.

What is your return policy?

We understand the importance of trying something on before making a commitment, so we want you to be able to experience Forte in the comfort of your home, risk free. We think you’ll love our products, but if they’re not a fit simply ship back in the original packaging within 14 days.

Note that customized products and face masks are not returnable.

For additional information, please find more about our policies here.

What are shipping times for embroidered products?

Please add 7 to 10 business days for custom embroidery during the holiday season.

I am an international customer. Can I return or exchange my order?

Yes. You can return your items within 14-days but shipping costs cannot be refunded. International order may be subject to return shipping costs.

How do I contact Forte?

Please feel free to reach out toconcierge@latelierforte.comwith any questions.